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Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize 2020

The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize is a non-acquisitive art prize open to all artists of any age, working in any media or style – with the aim of making a statement or capturing the essence of the Park Lands in art.

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The Theme
The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize is an opportunity for artists to make a statement or convey the many faces of the Adelaide Park Lands and their value in our urban setting.
The Prize is run by the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association (APPA) in order to raise awareness and highlight the unique asset of continuous Park Lands around the city.
Adelaide is the only city in the world to be surrounded by Park Lands; a design heritage that requires recognition and conservation. APPA believes that artists are best placed to use their art to make a difference.

APPA needs your help to reach artists and raise funds to deliver the significant prize money being offered in 2020. Donations here are tax deductible.

The Adelaide Park Lands
The Park Lands are the open land that surrounds Adelaide City and North Adelaide; they include the City Square and North Adelaide Squares. They are natural spaces with various guises in different areas, but all are in close proximity to workers and dwellers of the Adelaide city.

Many people don’t realise that the Adelaide Park Lands are under threat. They look around and see 700 hectares or so that remain. Adelaide has the world’s first-ever public park (est. 1837) and uniquely designed in a continuous belt. Yet what remains, is crucially important to protect but too few people can visualise the Park Lands that were lost last century, last decade, or even last month.

Once a site is lost, people tend to forget that it was ever part of the Park Lands. And so it goes, year after year, like mice nibbling away at cheese.

APPA is continually obliged to focus on the current battles to protect the next potential loss. But we also need to inspire the current and future generations to value the Park Lands. Focussing attention on the Park Lands through art is a means to that end.

Donations will be used to underwrite prize money to the winning artists and promote the prize to artists, buyers and art lovers across the country. It is intended that the 2020 Art Prize will have prize money at least $38,500, an increase on prizes won in 2018.

$20,000 first prize, $2,000 APPA young artist prize, 10 commended prizes of $1,500 each and a People’s Choice prize of $1,500.

If sufficient donations are received, prize money may be extended.

As the Art Prize grows in stature within the arts community, so too, recognition will grow throughout Australia of the totally unique nature of this City In A Park.

Donate here or for more information go to or by emailing

Image credits L to R:
WINNER 2018 – Christopher Meadows Spheres and Reflections (detail)
WINNER 2016 – Nick Mount Wakefield and East. A Still Life (detail)
WINNER 2014 – CJ Taylor Denim (Pasha of the Parklands) (detail)


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APPA is a community based organisation dedicated to preserving, protecting & restoring Adelaide’s at-risk world-unique garland of Park Lands. The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize run by APPA (biennial since 2014) has developed a high profile since its inception. The Prize has inspired around 1000 artists from around Australia and several overseas to raise their artistic voice in support for the Park Lands.

APPA has several ongoing activities designed to focus community attention on, and raise awareness of the rarity, beauty and world importance of the Adelaide Park Lands. In addition to the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize regular activities include guided Park Walks, a ‘photo of the day’ and ‘video of the month’ on social media.

Artist entries for the 2020 Art Prize will be open in August 2019.

Prize money of $38,500 will be offered in 2020. Finalists’ works will again be exhibited at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Donations to support the Art Prize are open now. For more information go to or by emailing


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