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Addy’s Heart Short film

During the momentous times of her adolescents, Addy, a 13-year-old girl, feels out of place in her family made up of her delusional parents. As teen angst takes over and resentment towards her family grows, Addy searches

Days Left

Addy’s Heart is a ‘coming of age’ drama with poetic elements that finds its beauty in that of reality. Addy is going through the momentous time of adolescents, struggling to find where she fits in the world. As an audience, I want you to be right there with her. Delve into the familiar world of a 13-year-old and feel for every awkward decision and primordial teenage angst. Addy’s heart will be real, raw, self-reflective and explore what it’s like to be young.

Hey, I’m Kellen James and I’m the director and writer of Addy’s Heart. From as long I can remember, I’ve always loved stories. I grew up reading books by Roald Dahl, Andy Griffiths, and Paul Jennings. From there, grew my love of all thing’s cinema. Right from
the start of my venture into filmmaking, it has been my goal to always respect the imagination and curiosity of the audience in the way I tell stories. I’m a film lover, a film student and because of your support, I am an emerging filmmaker.

A big inspiration for this film came from filmmakers and painters alike that explored in their medium, stories of family, growing up, and beauty in moments of life often taken for granted. We all have humble beginnings, and as a result, a story to tell. I want to take a moment in life, capture it for what it truly is, and present it to an audience so that they may be reminded of their humble beginnings as a kid stumbling towards adulthood. To be able to tell this story that is so near and dear to my heart, means the world to me and I would like to thank my supporters in advance.

We are looking to secure some of our funding through crowdfunding here. To ensure the production and final film are at a professional standard our budget is as follows:

Production Design – $500
Locations – $500
Catering – $400
Festivals – $450
Production Fees – $300
Composer/Music Rights – $250
Contingency – $200
Total – $2600
We are also putting in our own money for other things such as equipment rental

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Kellen James is a young up and coming filmmaker born and breed in the Brisbane suburbs. For the past 2 years, Kellen has been a practicing professional photographer and passionate screenwriter. Since spending months fine tuning and sculpting his latest short film “Wine Stained Pants” Kellen is finally ready to show it to the world!

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