A Girl Called Lola

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A Girl Called Lola

The luring innocence of Lola Meyers makes the people around her to crazy things.

Days Left

16-year-old Lola is an enigma to those around her. She is beautiful, mysterious and a woman of few words. Her relationship with her young stepmom is uncomfortably close and the sexual tension is undeniable. Lola catches the eye of an older boy on the swim team, Cameron. She tests her rebellious side by breaking into the swimming pool at night with Cameron and they begin to make love. Lola’s innocence isn’t so true when something mysterious is revealed. Who Really is Lola Meyers?

Lola is Sixteen

Lola is a swimmer

Lola is unique

Lola is quiet but not shy

Lola is alone but not lonely

Lola is fond of unique individuals

Lola is fond of her step mum,Christine

Lola is innocent

Lola is a virgin

Lola is calculating

Lola is a liar

Lola makes people do crazy things

Lola wants to kiss Christine

Lola is a collector of images, of portraits, of people

Lola films their forbidden moments

This film was created from curiosity and personal experience of teenagehood. Our heightened senses and emotions during this period of our lives are fascinating. Everything is new and exciting but we just don’t know it until it’s over. This paired with finding one’s sexuality and experimenting with it is an important subject that needs to be explored. As young women, we need to be confident in our desires and not be submissive. We are not there to only to be pleased but also to be pleasured.

It explores the themes of youth and sexuality and represents the empowerment of women and their sexuality through their teenage years.

This film is a daydream. It’s riding in a car and listening to your favourite song. It’s lazing around in your bedroom. It’s pastel pink and blue

We are two female filmmakers who want to create a unique insight into female empowerment. Future = Female.

Donations will be used to fund a range of things including locations, actors, sound design, and music.

We hope to raise enough to make a truly visually beautiful film which we will then enter into festivals around Australia and overseas.

We want to create a strong voice representing powerful female filmmakers.

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I am a film producer and director, passionate about creating raw Australian stories.

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