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A Drop In The Ocean

A Drop In The Ocean, an artist run visual arts/sculpture/performance exhibition bringing together First Nation, other Australian & International artists perspectives on the centrality of the Ocean to all life on Earth.

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“A Drop In The Ocean” presents an immersive underwater backdrop for participating artists to express their views in visual and sculptural works meditating upon our connectedness to the Ocean.

There is only one Earth Ocean. Yet knowledge about the Ocean remains limited and humanity has now gathered more data about Mars. This has serious implications for accurately understanding the full impact of the myriad of stressors upon the life-sustaining capacity of the Ocean. Pollution from plastic to nuclear, overfishing, reckless resource extraction, a rapidly changing climate, increasing loss of biodiversity, political & social divisions, misinformation & promulgation of “alternative facts”, poor consumer knowledge & behaviour, greater individual & community connectedness to & collective action to protect the Ocean are all important factors determining its restoration & conservation now & into the future.

In a polarised political climate, artist-run projects with an educative purpose are more important than ever in communicating complex issues in simple & relatable ways to audiences. Without a broad range of community stakeholders prepared to spread this & related messages with as wide a reach as possible, there is reduced hope of systemic change. An artist-run exhibition, this project harnesses the particular skills and experience of a small group of independent artists including First Nation, other local and international artists passionately embracing this unique opportunity to share knowledge, value experience & elevate the need for change on an issue central to the future health & survival of humanity & the Ocean. Targeting audiences amongst the high foot traffic consumer district during peak sales season presents unique opportunities for engagement that ultimately distributes this message amongst the mainstream community and in the longer view across rural and regional Victoria.

Despite benefits such as increased accessibility, audience engagement & lower costs, artist-run exhibitions remain under-utilised to foster greater support for independent artists. The funds you pledge to “A Drop In The Ocean” will assist this artist-run initiative to cover gallery fees, installation costs, material costs for the immersive setting for artworks, social media & industry digests promotion & limited edition print runs of  original works for sale during the show. See a selection of the talented artists’ works in the image gallery above.

Artists will in large be sourcing their own materials & donating their time without having to pay fees for gallery space. The show will also be presented to funding bodies for assistance to tour the whole installation across rural & regional Victoria in 2020/21, assisting often neglected audiences to see artworks otherwise confined to metropolitan centres.

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As far back as I can remember – early childhood – my identity as an artist has found expression.

From age 4 – 26 years I danced, studied all forms, and ran my own studio for 5 years. From primary school I drew and painted regularly always having a sketchbook on-hand. I had my first camera age 10.

By 21, I enrolled in a Media Design Diploma, double major in photography and computer-based design. I exhibited in my first sold-out group show Fremantle in 1991.

Whilst producing art, I was professionally commandeered to creative roles in the Gay law reform movement, HIV/AIDS sector, law-reform and human rights campaigns, legal and social research, disability-discrimination law, community-based organisational development and independent-statutory roles.

In 2012 I committed myself to full-time arts practice, focusing on investigating abstraction and taking inspiration from what lies closest at hand. I work in digital media and photography and use new techniques in each work or series I approach.

My work has an immediacy, often capturing movement, transience, transformation or using still life set pieces, public spaces or models. My first solo exhibition has been 3 years in development including fostering a strong online community.


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