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A Christmas Carol

A classic ghost story. A daring and innovative indie theatre company. A fresh and frightening theatrical adaptation for our times.

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Lies, Lies and Propaganda is a fiercely independent Sydney-based theatre company. Since 2014 we have created messy, colourful and provocative live experiences.

New and bold Australian interpretations of classic texts and ideas. And let’s be honest: the whole idea of live theatre is a bit of throwback, isn’t it? So is huddling together during the festive season to watch a classic story we all know. So is Christmas, with all its traditions, and silly ideas about giving and togetherness. What relevance could any of that possibly have at the end of an exhausting year of tragedy, instability and hatred?

No one goes to theatre at Christmas – that’s the conventional wisdom. No one has the time or money to spend on trifles like ART – they have to worry about food, decorations, travel and what to buy their relatives. Christmas is a time to retreat to your own circles, your own family, and not worry about anyone else.

Dickens’s social message is just as important today as it was then. His novel helped transform the celebration of Christmas, popularising many of the traditions we know today, and cementing it as a festival of giving, charity and community. This Christmas, amidst these times of fear and division, help us bring people together for another dose of Christmas as Dickens saw it.

Lies, Lies and Propaganda is all about making the case for theatre – Sydney’s best performers and artists, fresh and relevant takes on classic stories, innovative and powerful live experiences.

Help us make the case for Christmas, with a ghost story for grown-ups.

A Christmas Carol runs at the Kings Cross Theatre from 14 Dec to Christmas Eve. We believe art should be for everyone, so your donation will help us keep ticket prices low, while still covering our costs and giving the show the scale it deserves.

We have assembled a truly incredible cast and crew – artists who regularly work for major companies and projects. They’re doing this play because they believe in it, and in return we provide them opportunities to make their best work. Your donation will help us pay them for their efforts.

A lot of people don’t see theatre, because they don’t think it has anything to offer. Because they went once and it was boring. We believe it is essential for such people to see theatre that is exciting, entertaining and not boring. Your donation will help us publicise the show, to reach people who wouldn’t normally see theatre, and turn them into theatre-lovers.

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Founded in 2014, Lies, Lies and Propaganda creates theatre that is messy, colourful and provocative.

Theatre that is not afraid to draw blood, be art, or rejoice in its theatricality.

Theatre that does more than reinforce stereotypes or preach to the choir.


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