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The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success solos

Two dance solos based on “the law of least effort” and “the law of Karma” for Adelaide Fringe 2019.

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I’m a contemporary dancer, I work with healing and spiritual practice too.. In the end they collide and merge and here I am, collaborating with some amazing artists to create these two short solos that speak to dance, art and spiritual practice, to be presented as part of Rich Mix, Feb 22 and 23 during Adelaide Fringe 2019. 

After many years spent with Lyme disease I am still in a state of wonder at the chance to dance and, better yet, create and perform. I am touched that people are wiling to contribute. I have four amazing artists (two choreographers and two musicians/composers) of international repute willing to contribute their talent, time, skill and creative energy for much less than they are worth.

I am touched that you guys have expressed a willingness to contribute so that I can pay these artists and honour their artistry. I am excited, nervous and humbled to perform these works amid some of Australia’s best contemporary dancers. I hope you all come and receive something beautiful from these works.

Lewis Major is choreographing “the law of least effort” (so he wont be doing much! 🙂 and the incredible composer, “sound scientist” who created the music/soundscape for the very popular circus show Limbo… Mr Sxip Shirey has offered to provide the soundscape for this work.

Pascal Marty has picked “the law of karma” (watch out Mr!) and the incredible medicine music man Andy Copeman has offered to create a soundscape for this Karma. ; )

Any money raised will go to these artists, and toward any “costuming” required.

I have a lot to live up to in the short time i have to collaboratively create, dance and share these works. I had better get training… I’m a bit older than I was last time I danced. (the law of life! ; ) I thank you so much for your support in all ways beautiful people. I am blessed…  and I hope to create something worthy of all of you.

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Aside from burning up many dance floors, doing odd car dances at stoplights and enjoying dancing with her niece, she has worked with Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), TasDance and a variety of diverse freelance and independent Choreographers including Mia Mason, Gavin Webber, Alison Currie, Co-Opera SA (touring to Singapore), Eszter Salamon with Boglàrka Börcsök. Carlie collaborated on “Pole Cats” by Cathy Adamek, which toured theatres across Australia. Carlie recently choreographed and performed “What Do You Do With An Idea” with the ASO and composer Paul Rissmann and will collaborate with Paul Rissmann to bring the ASO’s “Appalachian Spring project” to young Adelaide dancers and musicians. Most recently, in her professional relationship as a dancer/creator and rehearsal director with Alison Currie, she worked on “Concrete Impermanence” which premiered at the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2018 and shows in 2019s Dance Massive in Melbourne. Carlie developed her own dance theatre work, Phrenic, based on her 7 year battle with lyme disease, celebrated her return to dance at the first Akram Khan Summer intensive in London and is now working on a solo series “7 Spiritual Laws of Success” with 7 different choreographers.


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