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A dramatic short film about an 11yr old girl who struggles with the 5 stages of loss and grief, but finds hope in the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. Nominated for best unproduced script by the Aust Writers Guild.

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The human condition is an affliction we all bear. Its challenges of loss, sorrow and hardship can isolate us and also unite us with hope and bring solidarity to our community. These experiences allow us to overcome the human condition. The collective voice of hope is the essence of Bradford Lee Walton’s work.

With a catalogue of short films, documentaries and television commercials, Walton has written multiple feature length films and serialised dramas for TV. These scripts promise artistic integrity and have already gained American interest. Walton’s production promises to showcase Australian talent, and it all begins with 5 Moons of Pluto.

A dramatic 8-minute short, Pluto is a beautiful artistic story of a little girl who overcomes her grief. A story we all know well, yet one not often told.

The production of the film is June 1-4 2019, with post production scheduled shortly after. The composition of the music score by Mr Graeme Denniss, Conductor / Composer Redland Sinfonia is confirmed.

The story addresses loss and grief in a safe and consequential way. It’s aurally and visually captivating aiming to entertain and enlighten children and adults alike. This story will stay with audiences for years to come. The project touches our humanity. Bradford’s films connect our souls, challenge preconceptions and change the narratives of his audiences. He offers audiences a chance to connect with their deepest self. His passion for the arts and creative insight allows him to communicate issues that make us vulnerable but inspire us to think in ways that can make our world a better place to live. With no language barrier and universal themes, the film speaks to our global community.

The production will employ local artists and businesses in the Cleveland/ Redlands region and promote economic benefits to the local community. With substantial community support, it is an artistic and worthy project already affecting its audience. The artistic community and the local community are coming together to bring the project to light.

Our fund-raising target is $88,000.

All donations will contribute to the cost of the production and its distribution to national and international film festivals. This is a not-for-profit project, that aims to build a thriving economic hub of film production in South East Queensland. The outcome of the project is the creation of a short film showcasing the talents of state and regional artists, working in collaboration to produce a visual and aural masterpiece that will entertain globally.

Equally, the film will be an educational tool creating a ‘permission to speak’ of loss and grief. The project offers a unique opportunity for four high school students to work as interns in a variety of areas in film production.

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Bradford Lee Walton is a filmmaker based in Cleveland, QLD who creates unique films to give a voice to real life challenges. As an artist, Bradford uses filmmaking to exercise a collective voice and create calls to action to a number of everyday challenges we all face. He is not afraid to use different techniques to create original work, e.g., still photography to produce the first TVC ‘Unwind Your Mind’, to address mental health issues in QLD. His critically acclaimed ‘Human Race’ commercial, that poetically features an Olympic Hurdler, was the first to air nationally to combat the issue of suicide.

Bradford’s current project is a short film entitled 5 Moons of Pluto. The script, nominated by the Australian Writers Guild for best un-produced screenplay, is a beautiful artistic story about a little girl who overcomes the five stages of loss and grief.

Bradford’s films touch the souls and change the narratives of his audiences. His passion for the arts and creative insight allows him to communicate issues that make us vulnerable, but inspire us to think in ways that can make our world a better place to live.


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