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46th Concert season

Support The Melbourne Musicians through this challenging time and enjoy concerts of classical music with chamber orchestra and soloists at St Johns Southgate, one of Melbourne’s finest and most accessible venues.

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You are probably aware that the Arts have been particularly hard hit by the COVID 19 pandemic and we are no exception. We were able to hold two beautiful concerts in March and we thank the appreciative audiences who came to support us.

We have had to cancel a May concert and will cancel a June concert to be safe. With conditions improving we hope to present an August concert featuring two of Australia’s finest musicians. Anne Gilby will give the premiere of Australian composer Philip Bracanin’s revised Oboe Concerto and Josie Vains will give the Australian premiere of a Cello Concerto by Ignaz Danzi, a contemporary of Haydn. In November acclaimed pianist Elyane Laussade is to present another instalment of her Mozart project with the Concerto No.14.

Our regular venue, St Johns Southgate, is especially suitable for chamber orchestra and is rightly popular with the public. We are also investigating the possibility of a Digital Concert.

Ever since our foundation in 1975 we have provided a platform for local musicians, many of them up-and-coming, whilst entertaining a broad section of the public. As well as the core repertoire, including Bach, Haydn and Mozart, we have given premieres of works by Australian composers and by lesser known European composers.

Many of the soloists had their first opportunity with The Melbourne Musicians and in some cases have gone on to very successful careers, both in Australia and overseas. The members of the orchestra are freelance players, many of whom teach in some of the major independent schools. Some have gone on to become members of orchestras such as Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, etc.

We provide a valuable and much appreciated service to local musicians who love playing in a friendly group which feels like a large family.

Our major expense is always payment of the musicians; we have to pay them for rehearsals as well as performances. Donations received through ACF go a long way toward making this possible. They will also support our ongoing operational costs whilst social distancing restrictions are in place. Our major source of funds remains ticket sales which also goes towards other expenses such as hire of halls, insurance etc. With public gatherings currently out of the question, your donation will help us cover these core costs until we are able to present our next concert.

Donations of all amounts, large and small, are gratefully received and acknowledged on our programs as well as directly with the donors. They are essential to keep the music going.

If you are one of the many who have enjoyed our concerts, please support us to enable our work to continue.


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The Melbourne Musicians is a chamber orchestra of 12 string players plus wind and other instruments as required up to about 25.
Since 1975 we have been providing a welcome platform for talented local musicians and composers. Many of our soloists have gone on to successful international careers.

Two such examples are guitarist Slava Grigoryan, who first performed with us at age 12 (and many times since) (His brother Leonard first performed with us at age 11) and intentionally recognised cellist Li Wei Chin, who performed with us aged 15, before going overseas to pursue his studies. Our large repertoire ranges from the 18th century to the present and includes premieres of works by Australian composers as well as others.


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