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2nd Saturday Workshops

The 2nd Saturday Workshops aim to help writers learn and build their knowledge in the craft of writing. We want to ensure we offer affordable workshops writers want and need. That’s where you can help!

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Launched in October 2020 the purpose of Mid North Coast Writers Centre and our vision is to enable writers of the region and beyond to develop their skills through affordable and accessible workshops and events funded through fundraising and philanthropy investment.

Our 2nd Saturday workshops are offered – you guessed it, on the second Saturday of the month. The workshops will be available in several locations on the coast, making them accessible to more writers. This project is to raising funds to ensure we deliver quality workshops that help writers towards publications through learning and developing their skills.

We consider ourselves a Hub for writers in the region to share their knowledge and learn from one another. All our presenters are paid as per ASA – Australian Society of Writers – rate of pay to ensure another income stream for writers helping writers.

Your donation will help writers and presenters for our workshop held in February to July 2021.

We have listened to what writers want and offer relevant workshops that cater to their needs and help them build and grow their knowledge of writing. But workshops are more than that, they mean connection, encouragement, and being part of a writing community. This project is important because it helps enable writers in the region and gives them a chance to work on their writing skills. Who knows, you could be reading the works of one of these authors in the near future. Donating to this project is supporting and nurturing a culture of writers and storytellers, which is such a vital part of who we are and how we connect.

Being a storyteller is rewarding but learning the craft can be an expensive journey. You can help by donating. Help us reach our target of $3,660.

Donations will be used to compensate presenters and keep the cost of the workshops down to ensure more writers have the opportunity to attend and grow their skills in the craft of writing. We see your donation as a gift of passion – helping others pursue what they are passionate about. We encourage you to invest in future storytellers and the importance of literature.

Find out more at https://midnorthcoastwriterscentre.org/

The Mid North Coast Writers’ Centre serves as a hub, a community, and offers workshops, courses, resources, events, and networking opportunities for its membership and writers in the community. Our vision is to encourage, engage and enlighten writers on the Mid North Coast and beyond.

Our aim is to offer affordable workshops and courses to help writers build their knowledge and skills no matter where they are on their writing journey. And to do this we have included seeking funding as part of our strategic plan.

The Mid North Coast Writers’ Centre will be a place of community, bringing writers and writing groups together, and building a strong culture of writers on the Mid North Coast. The Centre is an online entity that enables a mobile service, which means workshops will be offered in several locations throughout the year, making it more accessible to more writers.

We see this as a place for writers to share their knowledge with others and help nurture them along the path to publication. There is a small group of dedicated writers and community members working behind the scenes to bring to writers of the area a writer’s hub for our region.


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