Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival

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20th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival

Over the Fence celebrates excellence in comedy filmmaking that changes the way we view the world. In 2018 we are creating a dynamic programme leading into our 20th Edition!

Days Left

We are deep in the planning stages for a massive program extravaganza for our 2018 season.

In the lead up, at the end of 2017, we will be bringing out GOLD! – a collection of comedy films, a world of dark comedy + special screenings, that “OTF has never shown you before!” This will all lead to the launch of the 20th edition in January 2018.

We are all about stimulating comedy film production worldwide, and promoting comedy films that celebrate, entertain and inspire.

And most importantly, to bring the festival to audiences regional, remote and in cities across Australia.

We are an organisation dedicated to championing independent and new filmmakers. We create a vibrant, stimulating, inspiring environment for filmmakers & audiences, and bring laughter, thought and joy to people.

We are a festival designed to launch cutting edge, new and independent talent, and create new and exciting opportunities for the artists involved. We are a passionate not-for-profit grassroots organization that has been committed to comedy film production and exhibition for the past 21 years.

We are highly respected and are a magnet for Australian and international filmmaker to have their films screened in one of the longest touring comedy film festivals in the world.

We are asking for your financial support. From $20 to $2,000 it all helps!

Donations will be used to ensure we keep delivering the excellent ‘comedy gold’ made by Australian and International filmmakers, and to deliver the best to our audiences!

And specifically, it will support our: art and design and our web team; publicity and promotions; transfer and conversion to required formats; computers and hardware; and marketing packages for all our venues.

The launch of the 20th edition in January 2018. Followed immediately by our the National tour from Jan – October 2018. We tour from Perth to Proserpine, Darwin to Matiland, Nimbin to Port Hedland, Adelaide to Yepoon and many towns and cities between!

At OTF we say “anything can be said with an excellent sense of humour”.

We are a grassroots festival dedicated to championing the independent & new filmmakers – who are the starting point of a flourishing filmmaking industry. We aim to create a vibrant, stimulating, inspiring environment for filmmakers, and to bring laughter, thought, & joy to audiences.

Our mission is to offer a refreshing challenge to people’s ideas of ‘what comedy is’; to give our audience a whole new experience of the way in which funny stories can be told through a the wide variety of filmmaking styles, genres, and from all countries across the world!


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