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Commissioning Campaign: 2019 US Tour

Be a part of the creation and premiere of three new West Australian compositions across the east coast of the United States! [SEE VIDEO]

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Hi! I’m Michael, and I’m a composer at the start of a remarkable journey – a journey I hope to share with you. [SEE VIDEO]

I’m very excited to disclose that I have been invited to participate in a series of new music festivals on the East Coast of the United States: Connecticut Summerfest in Hartford Connecticut, Charlotte New Music Festival in North Carolina and Atlantic Music Festival in Waterville, Maine.

In total, these back-to-back festivals constitute my first ‘Composition Tour’: Three new works composed, premiered and recorded by three professional ensembles to audiences in each of the different states. The new works include:
1. A string quartet for the Beo Quartet
2. A piano trio for the AMF Contemporary Ensemble
3. A mixed quartet for Hub New Music.

The tour will start June 13 and run through to the July 28. Over this time, I will be working intensively under the guidance of prominent industry professionals and refining my craft.

I’ll receive private instruction and mentorship from many titans in the composition field including several Pulitzer Prize and Grammy winners such as Aaron Jay Kernis (Yale Faculty) and Melinda Wagner (Juilliard Faculty).

The road to becoming an establish composer is going to be long, but this tour is an important step, and a critical opportunity to get my music out in the world, grow professionally and establish my presence as a voice of Western Australia in the international music community.

In order to overcome the cost barrier associated with my participation I have started this commissioning campaign, and would like to invite you to be a part of the creation and premiere of three new compositions as a co-commissioner.

The cost of undertaking this project is approximately $10,401US ($14,670AU). This breaks down as: festival room/board and tuition $9200; transportation and insurances $900; materials and miscellaneous $300; and we’ll make it formal by allocating a composer’s fee too – $1.

As a gesture of my appreciation for your support, I would like to recognise your contribution in making the creation and premiere of these new works possible with the following acknowledgements/credits on the completed scores:
Principal Commissioner [Front Cover/Dedication] $10,000US+ | 14,000 AU+
Principal Co-Commissioner [Front Cover] $7500 US+| 10,500 AU+
Composer’s Circle Co-Commissioner [Front Cover] $5,000 US+ | 7,000 AU+
Impresario Co-Commissioner [Front Cover] $2,000 US+ | 2,800 AU+
Maestro Co-Com. [Inside Front Cover] $1,000 US+ | 1,400 AU+
Virtuoso Co-Com. [Inside Front Cover] $500 US+ | 700 AU+
Gold Co-Com. [Third Page] $300 US+ | 420 AU+
Silver Co-Com. [Third Page] $100 US+ | 140 AU+
Bronze Co-Com. [Fourth Page] $50 US+ | 70 AU+
Tutti Co-Com. [Fourth Page] < $50 US | < 70 AU

The real magic of what I do happens not in the act of writing the music, but the act of sharing it with others – and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.


Michael Grebla





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Born in Perth, Michael is a freelance composer who endeavours to create meaningful and inclusive cultural experiences, drawing influences from tradition and the present. Michael recently completed a Master of Music with Honours at the New England Conservatory where he studied with Kati Agocs with the support of the General Sir John Monash Foundation. Prior, he completed a Bachelor of Music at the University of Western Australia with First Class Honours studying with Christopher Tonkin and James Ledger and was award the University’s Matilda Prize for Cultural Excellence.
Michael is a curious composer with interests also in Mechanical Engineering and Acoustics in which he holds a bachelor degree as well as photography – each have inspired previous compositions. His first solo concert/exhibition titled “Portraits of UWA” was a mix-media event exploring historical landscapes, sculptures and wildlife through both photography and musical portraits. His work “Euler’s Music” with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra’ Chamber Orchestra explored the mechanical principals of gyroscopic precession. In 2018, he premiered a work for the Australian Youth Orchestra in Adelaide and his first string-quartet at the Zodiac Festival in Nice, France.


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