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2019 Touring Season

Latitude 37 is touring! We have received MATCHLab funding from Creative Partnerships Australia to help fund our series this year. Every dollar that you contribute will be matched by them!

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Corelli and his Legacy
2019 Concert Series

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) was one of the most revered and influential composers of the baroque era. During 2019, Latitude 37 explores the music that shaped him in a fine selection of instrumental works by Corelli and his contemporaries. His small and exquisite output was some of the first music ever to achieve ‘classic’ status, and his brilliance inspired many other composers of his generation, whether near to his home in Italy, or further afield in Europe in France and Germany. Latitude 37 is celebrating his sublime accomplishment of one of the greatest baroque composers in our 3-concert tribute to his genius.

For the first time ever, Latitude 37 will be touring each program to 5 venues, from the Ballarat region, to the Mornington Peninsula, as well as Albury and Canberra.

Although we have performed one-off concerts in most of the capital cities around Australia Latitude 37 has never established a touring program, so we thought it was about time to create one. We love what we do, and we enjoy putting such interesting and varied programs together, sometimes involving music that has not been played in Australia before. By touring our programs we hope to give the broader community the chance to hear us live – an experience which is always very different from recorded sound- and for us to develop new audiences and convert them to the music we love!

We have been given the excellent opportunity to be part of the MATCHLab program in 2019. This means that for every dollar we raise, Creative Partnerships Australia matches it equally, effectively doubling our possible revenue. Help us to make the most of this opportunity by reaching our fundraising target!

The kind of touring schedule we have put together involves travel, accommodation, instrument hire, publicity and venue costs, and the money we raise through MATCHLab will go directly towards these costs to enable our tour to go ahead. This means that any ticketing revenue raised can be used to pay artists fees so that our wonderful musicians and guest artists can be remunerated for all of their hard work and research. We are so excited to have been given the tremendous opportunity to showcase what we do in other areas and states, and this is a big stepping stone for us. We are hoping that by expanding our touring schedule we will be able to develop and expand our live performing schedule in Australia to match the national profile we have through our celebrated recordings. Please help us to make this happen!


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Latitude 37, named after the latitudinal position which links Melbourne, Australia, to New Zealand, is an exciting baroque trio whose members Julia Fredersdorff (baroque violin), Laura Vaughan (viola da gamba) and Donald Nicolson (harpsichord) were drawn together by their passion for historically informed performance of 16th, 17th and 18th century music.

Comprising some of the top graduates of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, reunited after many years of extensive research and international experience playing with many of the finest ensembles and artists in Europe, America and Australasia, Latitude 37 represents a new generation of period instrumentalists who share a unified interest in cultivating and communicating their art..

The ensemble has become an active presence on the Australasian early music scene, with regular festival appearances, concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre, regional and international touring, and regular broadcasts on ABC Classic FM. Their self-titled debut CD, and their latest album ‘Empires’ were both nominated for ARIA awards, and they have just released their third album with ABC Classics, ‘Royal Consorts’ which has received critical acclaim.


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