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2019 Melbourne Guitar Festival

To keep the Melbourne Guitar Festival alive and thriving, we need your support more than ever. Become a 2019 MGF supporter and join our family as we continue to make world class music accessible to all

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We have been responsible for assisting touring artists in raising over $100,000 in concert fees, and have been the catalyst for introducing new partners into the classical guitar touring circuit, allowing visiting artists to undertake financially sustainable concert tours of Australia.

Since July 2014, The MGF has been at the forefront of reigniting the classical guitar scene in Melbourne and wider Australia.

We have organized over $60,000 worth of cash and prizes to winners of our annual performance competition and sponsored emerging Australian artist Campbell Diamond through a scholarship program.

We have multiple shows throughout each year as part of our annual concert series, with events now regularly selling out.


The biggest event of each calendar year is our 3 day guitar festival. This sees a culmination of 12 months full time work, with a selection of the finest guitarists in the world presenting concerts and masterclasses in a family friendly and accessible environment.

It has been a remarkable 5 years for a business that operates solely off its box office sales combined with the generosity of individual philanthropists.

However, to survive, and to continue to thrive, we need your help.

2019 has been particularly difficult for us, as we lost festival sponsorship from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music due to venue unavailability. This has led to an increased cost of $10,000 to cover a new venue and staffing costs. Partner up with us through a tax deductible donation via the Australian Cultural Fund and become a 2019 Festival Supporter.

The Melbourne Guitar Festival exists to support artists and share what we believe to be some of the most beautiful concert experiences in the world to the general public.

To read more about the Melbourne Guitar Festival, operated by Michael MacManus, please visit

Your support will go towards keeping our festival running. We can not do this alone. We can not survive on ticket sales. We do not get any government funding. We need the help of yourselves, to partner up with us and to make the Melbourne Guitar Festival YOURS! Come on board this journey with us. Welcome to the Melbourne Guitar Festival family.

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The Melbourne Guitar Festival is my life and passion. My vision is to become the world’s leading classical guitar organisation, and favourite classical concert and festival experience. My mission for the MGF is to be accessible to all, delight, surprise and exceed expectations.
As a performing musician myself, both as soloist and with the Melbourne Guitar Quartet, sharing quality music with audiences is an integral value to me.

I completed my Master Degree in music performance (classical guitar) at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne, in 2017.
Since completing my studies, my time has been split between performance, private teaching and working on the Melbourne Guitar Festival concert series and 3 day annual festival.

The Melbourne Guitar Festival has seen enormous growth since our first festival in 2015, and your generous support will allow the MGF to continue to share world class performances and experiences with everyone.


David Lester


Timothy Kain


David Ross-Smith


Robert Evans


Marie Dalziel


Raul Gutierrez


John Van Dyck