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2019 Creative Connections Exhibition

A two-week exhibition of diverse and eclectic artwork produced by artists with complex needs accompanied by associated poetry, written by members of WA Poets Inc, inspired by and in response to the artwork

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Creative Connections believes that art and poetry are important methods people can access to communicate and express themselves creatively. Creative Connections has curated an annual art and poetry exhibition since 2007 and is a not-for-profit group run entirely by volunteers.

Funds raised will contribute towards the costs of hosting this exhibition including venue hire, curating and catalogue and anthology printing expenses.

The organisers of Creative Connections aspire to increase recognition of artists with complex needs so they are recognised for their ability and not their disability, where their creativity can be highlighted and the intense and unconfined artwork provides an avenue for inspiration for poets. Creative Connections sees the confluence of artist and poet as enabling the poet to discover inspiration and new interpretations of the abstract and conflict often encapsulated in the artwork of the artist. Poets, through their work, lend a voice to the often non-verbal artist

This exhibition aims to advance the opportunity and promotion of artists with complex needs by taking the annual Creative Connections Art & Poetry Exhibition to a prestigious gallery known for its artistic support, including art and disability. It is intended that this exhibition will increase acceptance of artists with complex needs as significant contributors in this field and lead to inclusion of these artists in the general art community.

The Exhibition creates a sense of place for the artists, it will connect them with the wider community and encourage participation between various people with diverse abilities. By presenting the artists as significant in their own right, they are accommodated in the art community and their outlook and perspectives, through their artwork, can lead to inspiration for other artists and the community. By connecting artworks with positive and non-confronting poetry, the often-nonverbal artists are given a voice. The community benefits through a positive, non-confronting perspective that has the potential to raise awareness and appreciation.

Creative Connections Art and Poetry Exhibitions is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers from the general public and employees within the disability services sector who hold the belief art and poetry are important methods people.

Each exhibition is an eclectic collection of artwork produced by artists with complex needs under the care of the local service providers in the disability sector.

Each artwork is accompanied by poetry freshly penned by local poets, which reflects the personality of the artist and provides an interpretation of the visual image, lending a voice to the often non-verbal artist. The rawness and honesty in the use of colour and technique by the artists brings with it a freshness that creates candid interpretations that are inspirational and intriguing.

The poetry and artwork reflects the varied personalities of a sector of the community not usually thrust into the spotlight.

All artwork and accompanying poetry is available for purchase with 90% of proceeds from any sale being returned to the artist. All funds collected contribute to future exhibitions and administrative expenses. Poets receive recognition for their work and freely include their poetry with the artwork when sold.


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