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2018 Subscrption Series

A subscription series of three concerts at St Johns Southgate, plus two additional special concerts.

Days Left

Help us to continue to provide a platform for both emerging and experienced classical musicians.
Our 44th annual concert season features an exceptional variety of works, including some that are rarely performed live in Melbourne.
Our biggest expense by far is the payment of the musicians, although there are other costs such as hire of the venue, advertising, etc.

We not only provide opportunities for our musicians to further their experience and their repertoire , but we provide very valuable opportunities for musicians and singers at the start of their careers. We can point to a long list who have gone on to be successful in Australia and overseas, in some cases forging major careers as international artists.
We also further the appreciation of classical music amongst the general public.

The donations will be used to pay the musicians, filling the gap from our box office receipts, which are our main source of income.


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The Melbourne Musicians is a chamber orchestra of 12 string players plus wind and other instruments as required up to about 25.
Since 1975 we have been providing a welcome platform for talented local musicians and composers. Many of our soloists have gone on to successful international careers.

Two such examples are guitarist Slava Grigoryan, who first performed with us at age 12 (and many times since) (His brother Leonard first performed with us at age 11) and intentionally recognised cellist Li Wei Chin, who performed with us aged 15, before going overseas to pursue his studies. Our large repertoire ranges from the 18th century to the present and includes premieres of works by Australian composers as well as others.

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