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2017 Commissions and Osaka Competition

Commissioning of new works by Australian and international composers to be premiered by Ensemble Françaix, and support for the ensemble’s first international performance in Osaka.

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Ensemble Françaix is raising funds to encourage the creation of new music for mixed ensemble, and in 2017 has commissioned works from three outstanding young Australian composers – Peter de Jager, Natalie Wong and Katia Beaugeais – and award-winning Turkish-German composer Hakan Ulus. These works will be given their world premieres in South Melbourne Town Hall during the 2nd and 3rd concerts of Ensemble Françaix’s ANAM Fellowship Series, taking place in July and August 2017 respectively.

Ensemble Françaix is also seeking public support to cover travel and living expenses for their first international performance at the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa, which will take place in May 2017.

We believe that supporting composers of the next generation is crucial to cultivating a living culture of music-making and listening in Australia. Through collaboration with composers using instrumentations specific to Ensemble Françaix, the project will also shine a particular spotlight on the incredible colours and versatility of increasingly ‘endangered’ instruments such as the oboe and bassoon.

The ensemble’s performance in Osaka will be a vital first step in showcasing, on a global platform, the unique repertoire for oboe-bassoon-piano as well as the talents of the ensemble itself. This will open new pathways and increase the prospects of a long-term international career for the group.

Donations will go firstly towards funding of the commissions for new compositions programmed in the 2017 ANAM Fellowship Series. These compositions are scheduled for world premieres in South Melbourne, and the premiere performances will also be recorded for the discovery of future online listeners.

Additional funds will cover travel and living expenses incurred through participation in the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa. Any further excess funds will then be dedicated to subsequent commissions for Ensemble Françaix’s future performance and recording projects in late 2017 to 2018.

All details on these projects will be made available on the ensemble’s official website, www.ensemblefrancaix.com.


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Ensemble Françaix is excited to share with listeners the joy of classical music collaboration, inspired by the wit and vibrancy of the 20th-century neoclassical composer Jean Françaix.

The Melbourne-based group was founded in 2016 by oboist Emmanuel Cassimatis, bassoonist Matthew Kneale and pianist Nicholas Young, who are united in their passion for quality music-making especially featuring woodwinds.

Ensemble Françaix delights in the discovery and presentation of captivating and lesser known repertory, as well as premieres of new works by present-day composers, and appears in a variety of combinations alongside guest artists to give an individual taste to every carefully crafted program.


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