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20 for Two Zero

QL2 Dance celebrates the 20th production and presentation of the Quantum Leap Youth Dance Ensemble project.

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QL2 Dance has been developing exceptional young artists through its Quantum Leap Youth Dance Ensemble program for the past 20 years. Help us celebrate this outstanding achievement by contributing to our fundraising campaign.

Our goal is to raise $20 000 to celebrate 20 years.

Let’s make this year’s project “Two Zero” presented at the Playhouse 9-11 August, a real celebration! Let’s make it big! Let’s make it one to remember for the next 20 years!

Quantum Leap Youth Dance Ensemble is a comprehensive, creative, innovative and diverse program, unique to QL2 Dance and vital to the development of dance artists in Australia,

Our Quantum Leap Ensemble project has been a training ground and a catalyst for so many young people who are now all over the world, many doing great things in dance, and many others taking this unique experience into other creative fields. Some have returned home to teach the younger generation and others return periodically to choreograph for QL2, teach workshops and contribute in their own way so this great adventure continues!

Help us make this year’s project a celebration to remember for the next 20 years!

“Two Zero” is our most involved, most ambitious project yet. Our Artistic Director Ruth Osborne, will bring together 28 Dancers, 7 professional Choreographers, 5 of which are Quantum Leap alumni and 2 QL2 associate artists, a team of professional artists from lighting designer to costume designer to name a few, 3 remounted choreographies, 4 new pieces, 8 original music compositions, more than 80 costumes, 5 shows over 3 different days, and involves more than 300hrs of rehearsal time!

Your donation will help us make this year’s production, “Two Zero”, a true celebration and acknowledgement of all who have contributed over the past 20 years to this unique adventure. Help us keep this exceptional professional youth program continue for the next 20 years and connect dance artists from all over Australia for the years to come.

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QL2 Dance is a vital organisation dedicated to the artistic development of dance artists in the ACT, from young to established.

QL2 Dance runs innovative, challenging, diverse and rigorous dance and artist development programs for people aged 8 to 26, with a staged progression over several years of their lives appropriate to their age, maturity and skills and career choices.

We challenge traditional pathways for dance artist development. We prioritise choreographic literacy, intellectual engagement, and the discipline of creative practice. We want more young people to experience personal growth through dance. We want engagement with dance to become a lifelong passion, through educated audiences and audience-aware artists.

We excite our audiences with thoughtful, relevant and inspiring dance works: the hearts and minds of artists speaking through their bodies. We have presented performances in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Mandurah, Armidale, Bega, Narooma, Cowra, Thailand, Singapore, Jamaica, Taiwan, England and Scotland, to critical and audience acclaim.

We are passionate about extending contemporary youth dance beyond training, to truly immersive, creative, challenging and on-going dance experiences.


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