Sydney Underground Film Festival

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11th Sydney Underground Film Festival

The 2017 SUFF runs from 14th – 17th September at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville and will screen over 100 local and international films and offer a two-day film workshop and talks program.

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The 11th annual SUFF will host 50+ sessions presented across 5 cinemas, including a 2-day workshop and talks program. The festival also hosts opening and closing night parties, special guests, food trucks on site and live performances.

SUFF has carved out a much-needed space for the independent film community in Sydney and Australia. Through a focus on the subversive, the provocative and avant-garde, SUFF is able to bring important films from outside the mainstream to local audiences. By holding the festival in the non-traditional space of The Factory Theatre, SUFF aims to act as a lively social hub that embraces Sydney’s creative community (and its visitors), through exhibition, exposure and encouraging discussion.

SUFF celebrated 10 years in 2016 with its biggest festival yet. SUFF has become an important fixture on Sydney’s cultural calendar and with increasing numbers annually, SUFF plans to expand it’s screening locations and activities throughout the year.

Selected films are culturally diverse (films are selected globally with over 700 submissions) and the films screened are also thematically diverse and often touch on social, political and ecological issues. These aim to educate, entertain and encourage discussion.

SUFF also provides valuable work experience to over 40 volunteers and creates and aligns itself with many local businesses and organisations, through partnerships and sponsorship arrangements.

SUFF relies on the support from the community and the dedication of its organisers.

Any kind and generous donations will be used to keep SUFF running – from administration costs, travel costs for special guests and the ever-increasing film screening fees.

Thank you for considering supporting the Sydney Underground Film Festival. The festival exists because of a growing network of cinema goers, enthusiasts, volunteers and businesses who believe in what we are trying to achieve.

We are proud to have hosted close to 30,000 guests since the festival’s inception in 2007.

The Sydney Underground Film Festival has carved out a much-needed space for the independent film community in Sydney. Through a focus on the subversive, the provocative and avant-garde, SUFF has become an important annual event for both local and nationwide audiences and filmmakers from here and overseas.

Bringing important films, often from outside the mainstream, to local audiences and furthermore, providing local creative types with extensive networking and practical skill-building opportunities, and the platform from which their work can be seen.

The 9th festival is on from Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th September at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville. Set over 4 days, the 50+ sessions will be presented across 5 cinemas. In 2015, the inaugural 2-day master class and talks program will be hosted during the festival on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September. This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to take advantage of a series of master classes and talks with successful independent filmmakers and producers – in areas such as directing, scriptwriting, special effects and distribution.

The Sydney Underground Film Festival screens 100+ films each year & has attracted over 25,000 people since its inception in 2007.





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