Why video is an important campaign tool

Did you know that online video is the most influential source in driving donations? We’ve put together a basic guide on what you should be covering in your video pitch.

For those of you who love facts and figures, we’ve also compiled some insightful figures and further reading that will get you well on your way to making a killer campaign video.

How long should my video be? The key is to tell your story, but be succinct. The optimal video length is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

What about social? Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all cater well for much shorter content. Instagram limits to between 3-15 seconds. Facebook videos encourage you to add a call to action, which is perfect – use it!

Plan ahead and make life easy for yourself. Make a plan from the outset. Know what channels you want to use and how you might best use them. ‘Be prepared’, as the good Scouts would say.

Provide context. Why are you raising funds? Why should your donors support your ACF campaign?

Share, like, donate – it all counts! Leverage your viewers’ attention and include a call to action. Compel donors to act now and capitalise on the momentum. A donor is much more likely to act at the time than revisit later.

Make the video your hero. Your video should sit at the centre of your fundraising strategy and work alongside all your campaign activities. Keep a consistent tone and be on message; this is a great way to subtly reinforce your message without seeming too needy or repetitive!

Video is one of many tools. It’s a key selling tool, but be sure it’s not the only trick up your sleeve. A successful campaign requires legwork and active engagement with your potential supporters.

Make it easy for your supporters to champion your campaign. Publish your videos (don’t password protect!).  Remember, the more people who know about your campaign – the more potential donors.

Figures don’t lie – video works!

Here are some great articles and handy figures that are sure to get your embracing the wonder of video!

‘While videos aren’t usually a crowdfunding platform requirement, campaigns that use them have a significantly higher success rate than those that don’t, and those with videos raise more money as well — up to 122 percent more!’  – How to Use Video to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign, Entrepreneur.com, 6 December 2012.

‘Online video is the most influential source in driving donations. Some 79% of donors surveyed by Google reported that online video ads were the most useful online media marketing they were exposed to. Google also found that 39% of people who watch a video look up the accompanying organisation within 24 hours of viewing. And an impressive 57% of people who watch a video for a non-profit go on to make a donation.’ – Google survey reveals patterns of how we donate money online, Fast Company, 21 August 2013. 

Recommended reading

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For more tips on how to plan and execute a successful ACF campaign visit our resources page.

Happy campaigning!

The ACF Team