Who can fundraise through the ACF?

Through the ACF we help artists create and art lovers to donate – but who exactly is eligible to use the platform?  

The short answer is any Australian-based artist or arts/culture organisation however; there are some boxes that must be ticked to run a project on the ACF. 

Eligibility criteria 

To be eligible to register on the ACF there are four criteria that need to be met. These include that an artist/organisation must: 

  • be a practising artist or arts and cultural entity; 
  • be engaged in arts and cultural activities; 
  • use a grant* from the Australian Cultural Fund or for the benefit of Australia; and;  
  • use a grant* from the Australian Cultural Fund for the designated and stated purpose. 

If you are unsure if you meet all four of these criteria, get in touch with our team for more information.  

*donations received for each project are bundled into a ‘grant’ that is then paid to the artist/organisation 

Project categories

The current categories supported on the ACF are: 

  • Literature
  • Visual Arts
  • Community Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Arts or languages of Indigenous persons
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • Design
  • Television
  • Video
  • Radio
  • Film 
  • Movable cultural heritage

This net tends to be broad enough to catch most projects in the arts and culture spheres; however, if you don’t think your upcoming project is caught within this, reach out to our team and we can provide some tailored advice.  


For-profit entities 

Late 2021 saw a significant change for the ACF, with for-profit entities becoming eligible to use the platform. This means that commercial arts ventures, such as films, are able to use the platform, in addition to individuals and not-for-profit organisations.  



One final thing that artists and organisations need need to register for the ACF is a current ABN.  

If you are an individual who doesn’t have an ABN just yet, you can apply for an ‘Individual/Sole Trader’ ABN, which is a quick and easy process. You can find out which ABN is suited to you and how to apply for one here


Retrospective expenditure 

We’re pretty flexible with what you can raise money for, however the ACF is unable to accept registrations for projects relating to retrospective expenditure. For example, if your film is in the can and you are hoping to recoup the money spent on this – you will not be able to use the ACF to do so. 


If you are looking to fund your next project, get started by registering your profile and #makeculturehappen!