A really simple guide to using the ACF logo

The ACF is here to help you raise funds to support your creative work and make your projects shine. By using the ACF logo throughout your campaign, on social media and to promote your ACF project, you’re joining a growing community of artists, art lovers, followers and donors.

About the ACF

The Australian Cultural Fund is a fundraising platform for Australian artists. We help artists and arts lovers connect and make culture happen, every day!

The concept

Culture comes in many forms and so does our logo. Our brand is an active brand, meaning that it can change to reflect the given artists, event or situation.

Our logo applied

We strongly encourage ACF artists to use our logo as part of your campaigning and through the life of your project. By using the ACF logo you’re joining a growing community of artists, art lovers, followers and donors.

Please acknowledge our support in relevant media releases, launch/event speeches and other promotional opportunities using the following text: “[This project] is supported through the Australian Cultural Fund.” and by incorporating the Australian Cultural Fund logo in relevant promotional material.

Here’s an example of the ACF logo and framing device applied.


Using our logo

The simple don’ts:

Don’t use only part of the logo or crop the logo (the only exception here if the framing device – in all other cases the logo must be used in its entirety)

Don’t rotate or stretch the logo

Don’t alter the position of the logo elements

Don’t apply other colours or use gray scale. Wherever possible we use black and white, and as such all our logo packs are provided in both versions.

That’s it! Pretty simple really. 


Download the eps logo suite >    Download the jpg logo suite >  

Download the png logo suite >  


Any questions? We are happy to speak to you about your project and fundraising campaign and make sure everything is shipshape.

Contact hello@australianculturalfund.org.au

For tips on how to plan and execute a successful ACF campaign visit our resources page.

Happy campaigning!

The ACF Team