Tax time fundraising tips!

Some things are inevitable this time of year: colder nights, an overwhelming desire for comfort food, and tax time.

Tax time is to the fundraising community what a Boxing Day sale is to the retail sector – the ACF receives around half its annual donations in the last two months of the financial year!

So make the most of the rush, spruce up your campaign and get in touch with your supporters and potential donors. If this sounds a little daunting, fear not. The ACF is here to help.

Be prepared: It’s time to get your materials in order. The ACF works online and in real time, giving you more flexibility and time to push your campaign right up until midnight on 30 June.

Get up to speed: How’s your campaign looking? Time for some adjustments? Head to your dashboard to post updates videos and images, and check your analytics to see who’s donating and from where. Get in contact with us if you need to make more significant changes.

If you’re looking for new content to share with donors, consider making a fundraising video. Check out our Q&A with artist Sally McLean on the impact of video.

And check out: Strike a Pose – Choosing campaign images.

Know and engage your audience: How are you connecting with potential donors? Consider developing specific approaches to donors or groups of donors. Are they existing donors? Do they donate regularly? Is there an opportunity to reconnect with previous donors or strike up a dialogue with new ones?

Don’t forget to follow up your connections and approaches. If you contacted potential donors a while back, send a gentle reminder about your fundraising campaign and emphasise the incentive of the end of the financial year and a tax deduction.

If you’re hesitant about making the ask, check out: how to ask for support.

The jewel in your crown: What is your case for support? This is the most important tool you have to persuade potential donors that your project is worthy of support. Your approach should answers 3 simple questions: Why give? Why now? What difference will the donation make?

Want to get more of an insight into what donors are looking for? Have a read of our donor profiles.

Do the legwork: The ACF is a great platform to promote and facilitate donations, but it’s your campaigning that makes the difference. A combination of targeted emails and social media is an excellent and efficient way to promote your campaign and reach a large number of supporters. Arranging meetings, picking up the phone and holding an event are other effective approaches.

Check out: 10 social media tips for a succcessful campaign and Using events to raise money and awareness. 

Keep us in the loop! We love supporting our artists.  Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #ACF and #makingculturehappen so we can share and promote your campaigns.

What if I’d like to donate? Donors can pledge online through the ACF until midnight on June 30 AEST and claim a tax deduction for this financial year (if the donation is over $2). Your transaction and tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately.

Online is better! We encourage all donations to be made online – it’s much faster and we can cut out the middle man – but we understand that in certain cases manual donations are required. Manual donation forms need to reach ACF HQ before 20 June to be counted in the current financial year. Contact us to request a form!

Any questions? Get in touch with us here. 

If you just can’t get enough of tax, check out our more comprehensive tax guide for arts organisations, over at the Creative Partnerships website.