Tax time fundraising tips!

Donations through the ACF are tax deductible so there’s no better time to make the most of the rush to June 30 and connect with your supporters and potential donors.

You won’t be alone – the ACF receives around half its annual donations in May and June each year!

To help you make the most of the next two months, here are some tips from the ACF:

Define your case for support: This is the most important tool to persuade potential donors that your project is worthy of support. Your approach should answer three simple questions: Why give? Why now? What difference will the donation make?

Check out this short video on developing your case for support for more information.


Be fundraising ready: Consider approaching a couple of key donors privately before you launch, so you can kick off the campaign with some funds already raised. Map out your campaign plan in advance and be prepared to acknowledge donations as they come in.

Connect with your audience: The ACF is a great platform to promote and facilitate donations, but ultimately it will be your campaigning that makes the difference.

Avoid a ‘one size fits all approach’ and consider the options available to you – these might include: one-on-one meetings in person or via Zoom, phone calls, targeted emails and broader social media promotion.

If you’re hesitant about making the ask, check out this short video with five tips on how to ask for support.


Don’t be afraid to follow up: If you contacted potential donors a while back, send a gentle reminder about your fundraising campaign and emphasise the incentive of the end of the financial year and a tax deduction.

Think long term:  Whether they are first time donors or long-term supporters, do your best to build and nurture a relationship with your donors. Keep in touch and let them know how your work is progressing.

Keep us in the loop! We love supporting our artists. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #ACF and #makingculturehappen so we can share and promote your campaigns.

The difference a day makes: Donors will need to finalise their donation by midnight AEST on June 30 to claim a tax deduction for this financial year. Donations made online via credit card or PayPal will be processed automatically.

Donors can also choose to give via direct transfer – to ensure that the funds are received in time we ask that all EFT donations are completed by 20 June to be counted in the current financial year.

Any questions? Get in touch with us at