Strike a Pose | Choosing campaign images

Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. If you have a striking, attention-capturing image, potential backers are more likely to be drawn to your campaign, wanting to know more and hopefully donating! Images reel you in quickly and effectively, and there are countless stats out there showing a leap in  success rates for campaign posts that contain images. Here are our tips for choosing the best images to make your campaign shine.

Images are front and centre on the ACF for these very reasons, so choose images that best showcase your project.

And if you’re about to launch your ACF campaign, use this as an opportunity to create a suite of great images to support and promote your project.

Profile images, campaign images and the difference between them

You will be prompted to upload images twice when registering with the ACF. Firstly, you create your profile and upload an image of yourself or your organisation. Once this has been approved, you can register your project and upload images for your campaign page.

The images you upload when registering your project are the focal point of your campaign page; while the image you upload for your profile will appear as a thumbnail on your campaign page.

What sort of images?

The images you choose will say a lot about your project. Choose images that are interesting, bold, beautiful, thought-provoking, witty, or a combination of these. What do you want your images to be, to portray? Remember – your image doesn’t have to be a photo. Drawings, illustrations and graphics work well too.

That happy snap from your beach holiday last year is probably not ideal

We’re stating the obvious, but your images should be relevant. Happy snaps are great, but do they relate to your campaign? If not, leave them out.

Do you want to be the subject, or would you prefer to feature the project itself? Perhaps it’s a behind the scenes image, or the key players in your play/film/dance piece. Whatever it is, make it striking and relevant.

Top tip: a logo isn’t ideal for your campaign hero image. By all means, upload a logo as one of your gallery images, but it shouldn’t be the first thing your potential backers see when they visit your campaign page.

What you need to make your ACF campaign page shine

The ACF platform was built to showcase images and video files. You can upload multiple images and up to two video files to your campaign page.

Images that work

  • Landscape (horizontal)
  • Have the subject in the centre of the page
  • High resolution, but no more than 2MB

There’s no ideal image size, but a high resolution image (no more than 2MB) that fits the above will stand out. Nobody likes a fuzzy image, so make sure your image is crisp and clear.

Avoid uploading a portrait (vertical) image as your hero image as the platform will automatically crop the image, potentially removing important detail (and faces!) from your image.

Your campaign information will appear on the bottom, left-hand side of your hero image so factor this in when making your selection. The campaign page will also scale to fit the screen size (i.e. mobile versus desktop).