Artist profile | Marsha Emerman

The main traffic source bringing people to the ACF platform is social media with up to 50% of visitors coming from social sources. This case study focuses on Marsha Emerman’s ACF campaign for her film On the Banks of the Tigris – a campaign that proactively engaged potential supporters on social media.

We asked Marsha to walk us through her fundraising strategy and the steps involved in making her campaign such a success.


Take us through the steps involved in your fundraising strategy.

1. A clear, simple, well laid out ‘pitch’ on the ACF platform.

2. Printing a flyer with images and text and distributing copies to everyone who attended a preview screening of the film.

3. Verbal fundraising appeal to the audience at the screening.

4. Email request sent to 350+ donors and supporters.

5. Personalised emails and phone calls to foundations and larger donors who were interested.

6. Frequent social media posts, with photos and campaign updates.

7. Individual Facebook messages to selected friends asking them to share links and posts.

8. Facebook posts in related groups.

9. LinkedIn group messages to selected contacts.

10. Writing and circulating an eNews item which was printed in the eNews of relevant supporters.

11. Poring through notes, contact lists, email boxes etc.

12. Thank you messages individually sent to everyone, immediately.                                     


What was the most effective approach?

 Direct email requests were most effective but all methods produced some results.


Do you have any extra tips for current or potential ACF artists?

The essentials are:

• Be persistent

• Cast the widest possible net

• Don’t be afraid to ask

• Keep the messages positive and upbeat

• Accept help from anyone who offers

• Always thank people for donations or support of any kind.


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