Receiving a grant on the ACF

Many Trusts and Foundations can only issue grants to organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status.  Individuals cannot have these statuses, and if you are an organisation you might be in the process of setting this up, or not yet eligible. This is where the ACF can help! 

As long as you and your project are eligible to fundraise on the ACF (see our FAQs) then you may also be eligible to receive a grant from a Trust or Foundation through the ACF!

Make sure you check with the Trust or Foundation that they are happy to issue grants as a donation to the ACF (prior to any application deadline).  If they have questions about the ACF and how it works you can put them in touch with us to chat.

If there is an application process with the Trust or Foundation you will need to apply direct, but PLEASE make sure you contact us about your application well BEFORE their deadline and we will let you know what we need from you to confirm we can receive the funds for you.  You may also need some details from us for your application.

If we confirm that we can receive the grant funds, and you are successful in receiving a grant, here’s what we’ll need you to do:

  • Read the First Timers Kit – this outlines how the ACF works, even though it’s mainly designed for fundraisers, the nuts and bolts are essentially the same no matter how you’re receiving funds.
  • Create a profile – if you don’t already have one with us. And even if you’re not going to run a public campaign we still need your full bio. If you are being auspiced you will need to provide their ABN in the registration.

If you are NOT going to run a public fundraising campaign (you just want your grant and be done with it!) then here are some tips to keep it simple for yourself:

At Step 4: Just include very basic details – this is where you declare to us how you will use your funds – but as we’ll have a copy of your grant application anyway this only needs a few sentences.

At Step 5: You can leave all of this blank APART from your project dates (when will you spend the funds?)

At Step 6: Enter the grant amount, leave duration at 30 days.

At Step 7: If you have provided us with a budget already you don’t need to fill this out, just enter zeroes.

At Step 8: Simply enter the name of the grant you are receiving

At Step 9: Not needed

Step 10:  Definitely make sure you read the T&Cs – these still apply to you!

And don’t forget step 12 SUBMIT!

Any questions give us a shout!