4 tips to prepare the perfect fundraising pitch

So you’ve put the finishing touches on your campaign page and you’re ready to start generating donations. Brilliant! Now it’s time to focus on your fundraising pitch and put your best foot forward.

1. Set the stage

Give an explanation of your work to your potential supporters. Your project is unique, so tell us why and share your passion. Why does your work need to exist? Why now? How does it relate to them? You want your supporters to be here for the same thing and feel like they are a part of it. Share your passion! This is where you pull out the big guns.

If you can articulate what your work is about and why it absolutely positively must exist then you’re pretty much there.


2. Financial needs (AKA what you want)

Now it’s time for the follow-up punch, the nitty gritty bit. This is where you bring it home. Clearly state why you need funding or support and what the result will be. What’s the timeline and why? How much of your target have you raised and how far do you have to go? Are there any other incentives (such as matched funding etc.) for supporters to give?


3. DO. NOT. BEG.

This is a positive offer, not something to make people feel guilty about. This is a chance for them to be a modern-day patron and make their mark on Australia’s cultural landscape. Think about that for a second. It’s a pretty cool proposition, right?

Appeal to their intellect but also call on other motivating factors that make us human – a desire to help others, to support our interests, give back to the community, be part of something bigger than ourselves, encourage and support creativity, artistic expression and innovation. Oh yes, and don’t forget to mention that donations are tax deductible!

4. Still unsure? Do your research

There’s a lot written out there on pitching and how to do it well. Get googling and find some examples and make sure you practice. Practice makes perfect, and the perfect pitch is the key to unlocking donations.

Good luck!