October Project Spotlight | Art meets science

This month we look at projects that are exploring and celebrating the relationship between art and science. These creators are using their skillsets to provide accessible and educational art, support the representation of women in STEMM, and present a fresh take on the effect of AI and social media on artists.


Synapse is a large scale, interactive, walk-through, educational art installation made of an eyeball attached via an optic nerve tunnel to a brain, designed to inspire people to learn about their own bodies. The long-term goal is to tour the installation throughout rural, regional and remote areas. 

Donations will be used to cover maintenance, transportation, installation costs and the expansion of the installation to include other senses. 




Through photography and interviews, ‘WOMEN in STEMM – Leadership and Climate Change’ will document the 6th voyage of Homeward Bound, a not-for-profit leadership program for women in STEM. The result will be an exhibition, a publication & speaking engagements which will help the non-science community understand the issues dominating our world

Donations will be used to help cover the cost of the artist’s participation.





‘Demon Rhythm’ is an endurance painting exercise to quantify human labour against AI output. Through laboriously producing a milennitych, 1000 new painted images of uniform size will become data points to train an AI. The resulting algorithm will eventually produce 100 new artworks in the same style to be presented side-by-side.

Donations will be used to create the paintings as well as to cover interstate touring costs.





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