Using the ACF Artist Dashboard

The artist dashboard is like your very own private detective for your ACF campaign. It has all the juicy details on your campaign’s performance.

As an ACF artist the dashboard gives you an overview of the performance of your current campaign and will give you useful information about your donors and audience that will hold you in good stead for your next fundraising campaign. Here’s how to use the dashboard strategically.

Contact your donors

Your donors are in short your greatest supporters. They are the most passionate about what you do, apart from you! Having the contact information for your donors is vital for staying in touch, thanking them for their support, and accumulating a strong supporters base. Around 70% of artists who use the dashboard find the donor contact list the most useful function.

The dashboard allows you to view donation amount and email address (unless the donation was made anonymously) and you can export and use this email list to communicate throughout your campaign, send invitations to openings or other special opportunities, and ask them to support or engage with future projects down the track. Having access to this information also gives you a better sense of who appreciates the work you’re doing. It also gives you great insight into who you should be marketing your campaign to (who is there, who is missing?)

View your campaign analytics

The project analysis in the dashboard allows you to gain a lot of insight into how your campaign is tracking.

This data shows you:

  • How many times your campaign has been viewed today, for the week and as a total (Hint: has your page been viewed loads of times but you’ve received only a few donations? This is not unusual, but consider whether you’re sending the right messages to the right people, and convincing them effectively once they’re on your campaign page. If you need edit your text just contact us.
  • Real-time donation info — who has donated, the dollar value and their location (helpful in knowing where more supporters might be found!)
  • Your campaign’s top referrers and what platform your campaign was shared to (can you leverage more from these channels, or is it time to try other avenues?)
  • The dollar amount that’s needed to meet your target
  • All of your progress outlined in linear chart form.

Post real-time updates

Extending your campaign by two weeks? Or just secured a spot at Dark Mofo? Update your supporters! Using the dashboard you can post updates that will be displayed on the right side of your campaign, which means anyone who views your campaign will see important news regarding your progress. Remember that these updates are NOT sent to your existing donors. As they’re not likely to drop by your campaign page again, we encourage you to email them with your news.

Edit images and videos

The dashboard allows you to access your campaign media. This is where you can make changes to your images and video links.



And the best part, you can do all of these things from anywhere in the world, in real time.