July Project Spotlight | Youth Arts Engagement

This month we focus on campaigns that are fundraising to help youth engage in arts and culture. These projects are giving the next generation of artists the tools they need to help shape our creative future.

Girls Rock! Adelaide

Girls Rock! Adelaide are raising funds to run their third Rock Camp. The camp seeks to build creativity, confidence and community for gender-marginalized youth, including girls (both trans and cis), gender-diverse, and transmasc youth.

Donations will go towards venue hire, catering, expertise, equipment, scholarships and accommodation and travel costs for rural participants.



The ELLA Foundation

The ELLA Foundation are currently fundraising to create 10 dance scholarships for First Nations youths aged 7-21. The program aims to support young individuals to develop and grow their arts and cultural practice through dance.

Funding will go towards tuition fees for dance lessons, mentoring, workshops, travel and costs associated with auditions.



Mountain of Youth

Mountain of Youth is 12-week immersive storytelling and filmmaking mentorship program for Blue Mountains Youth, culminating in the production of a professional film that will share the story of young people in the region.

Donations will be put towards equipment rental, insurance, workshop catering, transportation and film production expenses.