July Project Spotlight | Sculpture

In this month’s project spotlight we’re celebrating the medium of sculpting. These projects are providing a platform for artists with diverse backgrounds and are bringing sculpture to the masses. 


‘The Burden of Objects’ is an exhibition of contemporary sculpture staged across the Villa Alba’s grounds for a week in April 2024. Featuring 15 diverse artists at different stages of their careers, the exhibition hopes to foster discourse and demystify the boundaries associated with the production, exhibition and purchasing of sculptural practice.

Donations will be used to cover venue hire, artist fees, curator fees, transportation, installation, website design and signage. 




The ‘Call Home’ sculpture from GCMAGIC has been accepted for inclusion at SWELL Sculpture Festival. The sculpture consists of a base that represents the Australian land and its natural life, topped with a mirror ball that reflects the viewers and their cultural identity.

Donations will cover the materials for making the sculpture’s body and face, cost of the mirror globe for the top, installation, and transportation.





‘Sculpture on the Farm’ is a biennial exhibition celebrating Australian sculpture that is making a lasting contribution to Dungog Shire. Over 120 sculptures will be displayed in the galleries, gardens and paddocks at ‘Fosterton’, a cattle farm on the Williams River during the October long weekend.

Donations will be used to acquire 3 sculptures for public display, the ongoing development of the e-catalogue and website, operational and promotion costs. 





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