Artist profile | Jade of Death

Experienced crowdfunders and filmmakers Erin Good and Taylor Litton-Strain ran a killer ACF campaign for their upcoming web series Jade of Death earlier this year. The talented duo took some time out post-campaign to share their insights and key take-aways for artists considering crowdfunding.

At a glance

Erin and Taylor’s campaign ran for 43 days, raised over $17,000 and engaged more than 80 supporters.

On crowdfunding and the ACF

Erin and Taylor are a formidable duo; talented filmmakers who also have a strong bent for business and marketing. What a winning combo! This short video is full of handy tips and hints to help with your own campaign.

Key points:

  • Think of your ACF campaign as a marketing strategy, not just a fundraising campaign
  • Tie your campaign to important news and updates – don’t just ask for money
  • Tax deductibility is very attractive – through the ACF you can offer tax deductibility to your donors insteading of creating and managing rewards
  • Donors will be mostly people you know, so it’s important to target them specifically


Jade of Death project update

The series will be released in early 2017. Subscribe to Jade of Death‘s Youtube channel to be among the first to see exclusive preview content or connect with the them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via @jadeofdeath.


If you’re thinking of becoming an ACF artist or have any questions about the ACF, drop a line to; browse the site and discover some of the great projects currently campaigning, or register your own project. Let’s make culture happen! #makingculturehappen