How to incorporate QR codes into your ACF campaign

QR codes are an effective, low-cost and simple addition to your ACF fundraising campaign. They may look complicated but generating a QR code is very easy … and free!

We have all become very accustomed to using QR codes, thanks to checking in to venues on our COVID-safe apps. But a QR code can do a lot more than that.

A QR code is a convenient way to share your campaign page with donors. The code can scanned by any smartphone and will take your supporters directly to your campaign page. Meaning, they can donate, right then and there!

QR codes will make a fantastic way to fundraise at live events – feature your QR code on signage around the venue and encourage people to scan and donate. They are also incredibly useful on printed marketing collateral and programs, saving space and encouraging instant donations from your supporters.

Creating a QR code is very simple and there are many free providers available.

Some of our favourites include QR Code Monkey and QR Code Generator but there are many more options out there.

When choosing a QR code generator provider, you will need to consider if they have a scan limit. Some QR codes will expire after a certain number of scans. QR Code Monkey has unlimited scans when using their codes but other sites may vary so it’s good to check, just in case you’re caught short!

You may also find some that allow you to customise the colour, style and even add an image or logo! Find what suits your campaign and needs.

All you will need to create your QR code is the URL of your ACF campaign. We recommend using the URL of your campaign page rather than the donation page. This will give your supporters a chance to read about your project and cause before they hit the donate now button.

  • Visit your ACF campaign page
  • Copy and paste the URL into the QR code generator
  • Download and save the QR code in the format of your choice
  • Give it a test run – scan the code and make sure it opens to your ACF campaign page
  • Add the QR code image to signs, printed collateral, programs, marketing material …

We would love to hear how your have incorporated QR codes into your ACF fundraising campaign.