Using events to raise money and awareness

Events are a great way to develop new partnerships, connect with your supporters, showcase your work and – most importantly – promote your fundraising campaign.

The event blueprint

First things first – we need a plan! Sit down and work out what you need to achieve and how you’re going to get there. What is the best way to get your audience to take action? Deciding this will help you pick the right type of event for your campaign.

Other questions you need to consider from the outset: What’s your budget? Do you need to recruit sponsors? If so, will it be cash sponsors or in-kind sponsors to provide food, drinks or a venue? What’s your fundraising target for the event? Who will you invite? What’s the key message that will prompt the audience to attend, and then support your campaign?

Need advice on approaching potential sponsors? Check out Creative Partnerships’ guides and factsheets.

Choose the right event format

Get creative. Events can happen in real time, in the flesh; or online and virtual. It doesn’t really matter! It could be a spritzer, a behind-the-scenes screening, an online tour of your workspace, a dress rehearsal, a concert, a launch party, a dinner, a car wash (why not?!). There are endless potential ways for you to connect and showcase your work.

Spruik yourself

Warm up your jaw muscles because you want to be talking to as many people as you possibly can. Plan and practice your elevator pitch before the event and give it a real workout on the night, whether it’s in front of an audience, or one to one.

Make sure people know why they’re there. The key is to ALWAYS link back to your campaign messages and call-to-action.

Check out our step-by-step guide to crafting a compelling pitch.

Make it easy

A smooth and quick journey is critical to converting donor momentum to an actual donation. Given the opportunity, donors are more likely to change their mind over time, or simply forget. Don’t let that happen – make it as easy as possible for you supporters to donate right here, right now.

We can provide donation forms which you can give out at events. You might want to consider printing a pamphlet or flyer, and including the donation form on the back for donors and attendees to fill in on the spot. Or, bring ipads or laptops with you to events and get your supports to donate online on the night.

Include links to your ACF campaign in all your communications – emails, messages and so forth. If you’re promoting your ACF page on your website, put the link front and centre – the more obvious the better! A bold or colourful ‘donate’ button is a great way to get attention.

The ACF has inbuilt mobile responsiveness, so supporters can donate whenever, wherever, on their own devices. Too easy! Just don’t forget to prompt them.

Use your event to create a buzz

Events are a great way to introduce your work to a wider network of people; and everyone you meet will have their own network you can potentially tap into. Ask attendees to take photos, check-in, tag and share your event on social media in the lead-up and on the day to get your campaign in front of as many people as possible.

Thank your supporters

We know we go on about it, but we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to follow up and thank your supporters.

Good luck!

Do you have an upcoming event? We’d love to help you spread the word. Be sure to tag @ausculturalfund and use the #makingculturehappen hashtag.