Fund your Fringe show

Thinking about running a fundraising campaign to support your Fringe show? Here are some key things to consider before you launch a campaign.

In the last year, the Australian Cultural Fund has helped more than 340 artists raise over $2.7 million to fund their art. This has given us some great insights into what works and what doesn’t. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what makes a successful campaign, thinking about the following questions will help you run the best campaign for you.

Why run a campaign?

To raise money is the obvious answer, but there are a number of other reasons artists register on the ACF.  When you register a campaign you’ll be given your very own campaign page to promote your show, find new backers, stay in touch with supporters and use all the handy features of your own personalised Artist Dashboard.

TIP: Have you considered using your campaign as a marketing strategy, not just a fundraising campaign? Check out: Jade of Death’s tips for artists considering crowdfunding. 

What sort of campaign should you run?

Before you launch you need to decide what sort of campaign you want to run: Are you considering more of a dynamic crowdfunding campaign or are you hoping to receive fewer, more substantial donations towards your campaign? If you’re unsure which approach to take, or how to go about campaigning, get in touch. We’re happy to be a soundboard and provide advice and feedback on the approach that will best suit your needs.

Who is your audience?

Who are your backers and potential backers and how will you approach them? Often the best approaches are multi-faceted and include a combination of social media, emails, phone calls, face to face meetings and events.

Check out our Artist Handbook for a tonne of great tips to help you here.

When will you run your campaign?

How long will you run your campaign for and when? Running a successful fundraising campaign takes time and resources – often more than you think. You should be prepared to set aside several hours per week towards actively promoting, campaigning and facilitating donations.

TIP: Running a fundraising campaign in the weeks leading up to your project might prove tricky, as you may find yourself torn between competing tasks. Consider the best time to run a campaign within your project timeline.

How much do you need to raise?

When setting your fundraising target, be ambitious and optimistic, but also realistic. The ACF is not an all-or-nothing platform – if you don’t reach your target you’ll still keep the funds you’ve raised. Check out: Setting a Fundraising Target That Works

How is your pitch?

Is your project description clear and engaging? Is it pitched at the right audience? Have you included all the information you need – what your project is, why it’s important and what are you hoping to achieve? Who is it for, what do you want and why?  Check out: The nuts and bolts of a great project description

Images and videos are important! Make your images striking and consider a video to increase success. Check out: The art of a good video

In summary

Running a fundraising campaign can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both in terms of money raised and by providing a solid foundation to build ongoing relationships with donors and supporters. But it’s also hard work and time-consuming so plan your approach well in advance.

What’s next

If you’re thinking of using the ACF to fund your art or if have any fundraising questions, drop a line to We’d love to hear from you! Or you can register with the ACF now.