Crowdfunding tips | Affinity Collective

Affinity Collective raised more than $15,000 in just over three months in their first ever fundraising campaign – how good is that? The experience has not only increased the quartet’s fundraising know-how, it’s also helped cement their relationship with their donors and increase their profile. We sat down with Affinity Collective’s founder, cellist and first-time fundraiser Mee Na Lojewski.

At a glance

Affinity Collective’s campaign ran for 73 days, raised over $15,480 and engaged 72 supporters. Donors helped fund intensive chamber music development, research and mentorships in the UK and Germany.

On crowdfunding and the ACF

In this short video, Mee Na Lojewski has some great insights on what you should be prepared for when running a crowdfunding campaign. Check it out!

Key points:

  • Give examples of your work – show potential supporters what the ‘product’ is and what they’re supporting
  • Be prepared to write, email and communicate a lot about  your campaign
  • The ACF has many helpful resources, so use them! (See Artists Handbook and the ACF blog to prepare yourself)
  • Always remain hopeful! Campaigning requires a lot of work, but the time you put into your campaign will be rewarded.


Project update

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