Bespoke giving via the ACF

Here at the ACF, we understand that giving comes in many shapes and sizes. Whilst majority of campaigns run on the platform are individual artists raising money from their network, we are able to support philanthropy in all its forms by tailoring what we do. 

In this post we’ve outlined a few examples of how we can lend a hand to those requiring a more bespoke giving experience. 


Through the ACF we’ve been able to facilitate a number of fellowships that have supported individual artists and organisations. Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with Lucy Guerin Inc. (LGI) in order to distribute their record breaking $2million bequest, with $1.5million of this being split up into 20 fellowships.  

Through the ACF we were able to take on board the administration of fellowships including distributing funds, creating and logging contracts and facilitating acquittals where needed. 



Prizes and awards are pillars of arts philanthropy, with donors coming together to create opportunities for artists and arts organisations.  

Each year we work with prizes such as the John Stringer Prize, Deborah Cass Prize for Writing and the ARTS Impact WA Fund to act as a conduit where donors can pool their funds together, all whilst providing tax receipts for donations of $2 or more. 



Creative Partnerships’ unique Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status allows the ACF to offer tax deductibility to donors. This status means that we can facilitate private campaigns for one-off gifts from individuals or organisations, as well as grant applications to Trusts and Foundations that require grantees to have DGR status.  We work with foundations such as the Besen Family Foundation and the Australian Communities Foundation to allow independent artists without DGR status to receive grants via the ACF, ensuring that individual members of our arts community are receiving the same opportunities as larger organisations and groups.

Read more on this here


One-off and multi-year giving for PAFs and Foundations 

Encouraged by the development and growth within arts philanthropy over the past two years, an opportunity arose to provide a unique service for PAFs and foundations to expand their scope of charitable giving to the arts and cultural sector via the Australian Cultural Fund. With the support and advice from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, our Amplify program launched in 2022 that directly addresses two barriers that PAFs and foundations often encounter when wanting to support the arts – the inability to donate to individual artist and small organisations without DGR status, and the challenge of multi-year giving in the context of annual distribution requirements.

This format not only provides opportunities for long-term sustainable funding relationships, but also reduces the administrative burden for the donor. For organisations and PAFs that have annual distribution requirements, Amplify provides the opportunity to fulfil this in one donation to the ACF.  

Find out more about Amplify here.