Australian Cultural Fund | 100% of funds go directly to artists

In response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to artists and the sector, Creative Partnerships Australia is pleased to announce that from 1 December 2021 the service fee on donations to the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) will be removed.

Eliminating the fee will see 100% of donations raised by artists on the ACF going directly to their creative project or initiative, supporting the arts and cultural sector during this time of recovery. The ACF service fee was paid by donors and funded the delivery of the ACF platform and the suite of support and resources available to registered artists. Donations made to an ACF campaign prior to 1 December 2021 incurred this fee.

In response to the impact of the pandemic on the Australian arts community, the ACF supported previous campaigns such as the National Assistance Program for the Arts and Theatre Network Australia’s 1000X1000 Crisis Cash for Artists by waiving the service fee for these COVID-19 response initiatives. We are now excited to be able to do this across the board for all artists using the ACF platform.

“At Creative Partnerships, we see first-hand the impact the pandemic has had on artists and arts organisations fundraising during this time. Now, more than ever, every dollar counts in assisting our cultural community as they recover after a challenging two years,” states Creative Partnerships CEO, Fiona Menzies.

“We hope the removal of this fee encourages even more donors to give to the arts, with the knowledge that 100% of their gift will directly support the work of artists. Our goal is that this also encourages new artists to consider fundraising on the ACF and including private sector support as part of their revenue mix, in order to build a more sustainable funding model for their practice.”

With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across Australia, cultural venues are opening and arts projects restarting. This fee removal sees the Australian Cultural Fund consolidate its role as a vital online fundraising platform for artists across all art forms.