August Project Spotlight | Documentaries

This month we turn the lens to documentary projects that are sharing lived and unique human experiences. These filmmaking teams are committed to creating impact for local communities as well as challenging public perceptions.


‘The Golden Spurtle’ is a visually stunning and light hearted documentary that takes viewers to the picturesque Scottish Highlands, where an eccentric competition unfolds in a quaint village – contenders compete for the coveted title of World Porridge Champion, in the Olympics of porridge making.

Donations will be used to cover the costs associated with the development and research of the competition.




‘The Miracle of Singing’ is a documentary film following Martin Meader and a choir concert comprising of 1,000 vocalists and a 220-piece ukulele orchestra. The concert is aimed at raising mental health awareness through singing with funds raised going to those diagnosed or suffering from cancer.

Donations will be used to pay film crew





‘Powering Up’ follows the Poweroos to the World Cup, a milestone in their ongoing fight for Powerchair Football to be recognised as a Paralympic sport despite most players taking banned performance enhancing drugs – simply to stay alive.

Donations will go towards paying the crew and covering travel costs to capture footage of the World Cup taking place in Sydney later this year.





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