ACF 101: How to register a profile

Starting a fundraising project on the ACF is a simple, two-step process.

  1. Register a profile 
  2. Register a fundraising or grant recipient project 

In this post, we’re walking through Step 1 – registering a profile! 


Starting with the basics 

The first part of the form captures your contact details in case we need to reach you about your project. One thing to note is that your ACF username will be the email address you enter here, so make sure it’s an email that you have access to. If you’re part of an organisation, and would like to enter a ‘backup’ contact, this can be done further down on the form.  


Eligibility Criteria 

To get started on the ACF platform, you must confirm that you meet all four of the following criteria. Each box must be ticked in order to submit your profile. 


Registrant details for your grant 

If you are part of an organisation, this is where you can select this option and enter in a secondary contact if needed. If you are being auspiced for your project, please select ’Organisation’ as this will allow us to add your client manager onto your account in addition to yourself.  

These three sections will be the details listed on your grant agreement, when your donations are ready to accept. Whilst we do require an ABN when registering on the platform, this can be sole trader, partnership, company, trust co-operative, indigenous corporation or joint venture. If you don’t have an ABN you can apply for one here or you can use someone’s who is attached to the project.  


Your public profile 

Your ‘Display Name’ and ‘Artist/Group Bio’ is what will be listed on the ‘Artist’ page of your project. This is separate to the tab where you talk about your project so frame your bio as more who you are, what your practice is and examples of previous work: 


Spruiking your socials 

Your social media accounts can be linked to your profile and will show up on your project page, prompting people to connect with you on socials and to follow your fundraising journey. 


Connect with the ACF! 

The last part of the form is all about connecting with the ACF and the resources we have available. Here you can subscribe to our monthly eNews where we promote funding opportunities, events and fundraising resources.  There is also the option to request one of the team to contact you for a free fundraising consultation. In these 15-minute sessions we can discuss strategies, project timing, the ins and outs of the ACF and how to make the most out of your campaign (plus much more!).  


All that’s left is to…. 

You’re all done! We’ve tried our hardest to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible so it should only take you 5-10 minutes to complete. Once submitted, the ACF team will review your profile within three business days. You’ll receive an email once your profile has been approved, and then you’re all set to start step 2 – registering a project!



If you have any trouble with registering your profile, please get in touch with our Team!