10 Ways to Say Thank You

If you’ve ever been thanked for something you did to support someone else, you’ll know just how important a thank you can be.

If someone has supported your project, they’ll have done it with reason. Here are a few ways you can say a meaningful thank you.

Photo by Adam Jang

1. VIP

Inviting your donors to see exclusive content such as a dress rehearsal or an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the film set will make them feel even more connected to your project.

2. Send it in writing

At the end of your ACF campaign, you’ll have access to a full list of donors who supported your project. Customised email templates are easy to design and more often than not, free! In this email, you can insert videos, images and curated communications to say thanks. Save your donors to a subscriber list and encourage your networks to sign up for regular eNewsletters.

3. Say it publicly

Do you have a podcast? Say thank you to all your donors by shouting out their names at the beginning of every episode. If you work in another medium, you can create an authentic shout out video and post it to your social media channels as a way to actively acknowledge them.

4. A landing page

Got a website? Create a new landing page which lists all the supporters of your work. On this page, you can even add images from donor events or a Q&A with a special supporter.

5. Social media shoutout

Quick and free, a social media post is an easy way to recognise your donors. This will make your supporters feel publicly acknowledged and perhaps encourage others to donate to your project.

6. Donor spotlight

Throw the spotlight on your donors by inviting them to be an extra in your film or saying a happy one year donor anniversary via an automated eNewsletter. Including them in this way shows your appreciation for their act of kindness.

7. Discounted experiences

Discounted or early bird tickets can make a donor feel special. This way they might bring along their friends and family or share the experience on social media, engaging even more people with the work you create.

8. A thank-a-thon

Call your supporters and say thanks! The conversation can be as long or as short as you like and the effort you made will be noted.

9. Coffee date

There’s nothing more intimate than having a coffee to get to know someone. In this one-on-one meeting, you’ll be able to get to know your supporter and discuss how they might like to continue supporting your work in the future.

10. Hold an event

It doesn’t need to be flashy. Invite your donors to join you for a donors appreciation party at the local park or at your studio. In this environment, you’ll be able to say a few words, present unseen works and/or connect with those who connected with your work. If your supporters are of a smaller sized pool, you can invite them to a dinner where you can get to know one another over a nice meal and chat.