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We are an independent dance theatre company in Sydney making dance works with the aim to engage a wider audience to enjoy dance theatre by creating engaging, relatable and high quality productions.

Founded as Twisted Element Dance Company in 2011 by Angela Hamilton, the company has made three full-length works each engaging eight Sydney contemporary dancers.

‘Ostara’ 2011, ‘Shadows’ 2012, and ‘Gothica’ 2013 all with great reviews.

In 2014, Angela moved to London to further pursue her career and artistic development. It was there that she was inspired to change the style of the work to be more engaging, relatable and interactive, away from a conventional theatre setting where audiences can find themselves immersed in the work and have a much more exciting experience. She was also heavily influenced by her experience as an art and dance model, which had her develop an interest in fashion, design and artistic styling.

The company has re-launched this year with a new direction and a new name. Twisted Element premiered its new immersive and interactive full-length work ‘Opus’ in June at Duti Studios in Newtown.
The work received overwhelmingly high praise and reviews leaving audiences wanting more!