Transit Dance Graduating Class of 2019

We are a group of young artists, about to graduate from Transit Dance (Melbourne). We have come to Melbourne from all over Australia and New Zealand, in pursuit of our passion for contemporary dance.

During our time at Transit Dance we have been able to grow as people and as artists. As we near our graduation in December, we are excited to continue to develop ourselves and to become active members of the arts industry.

The graduating class of Transit Dance Contemporary, Diploma of Dance:

Alycia Siomos, Anna Griffiths, Cassie Peele, Christie King, Claudia Debenham, Courtney Pearce, Ellen Peebles, Ellie Murtagh, Emily Eather, Gemma Sattler, Giselle Graham, Hannah Billingham, Hannah Campbell, Holly Pearce, Jacqui Maida, Jessica McCracken-Bell, Juliet Saito, Kirrah Thompson, Kim Te, Kristen Cafari, Lauren Stanley, Meg Attwell, Meg Bassett, Teagan Shaw, Tenae Smith, Vicki Mosheim & Yvonne Huang