The Three Seas

Rarely does a band like The Three Seas come along. New and ancient music combine to create a universal sound that radiates joy.

Soaring Baul vocals, a menagerie of traditional stringed instrument played Himalayan style and danceable West Bengali beats are juxtaposed against the deep groove and swelling bass lines of the baritone saxophone.

An international collaboration promoting inter-cultural harmony, the diverse and remarkable backgrounds of The Three Seas (based in Australia and West Bengal), has led to the release of two critically acclaimed albums; Haveli (2014) & Fathers, Sons & Brothers (2018).

The ensemble has toured twice in Australia (2017 & 2018) including performances at the Parramasala Festival, Oz Asia Festival, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues, Art Gallery of NSW, and the Australian National Maritime Museum for the Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA).

The band toured to India for the first time in December 2018, performing seven shows nationally to enthusiastic capacity crowds including a live television broadcast and performances at the Mumbai Royal Opera House, Kochi-Mizuris Biennale and the Indian Museum in Kolkata.

Led by award winning saxophonist/composer and Artistic Director of The Three Seas, Matt Keegan, the group also features virtuosic Baul singer Raju Das (vocals/khamak), Deo Ashis Mothey of Nepalese heritage (vocals/esraj/dotora), Australian jazz luminary Steve Elphick (bass), and renowned Bengali rock drummer Gaurab Chatterjee (kit drums/dubki).