THE RABBLE (Kate Davis and Emma Valente) was formed in 2006 from a desire to make work that wasn’t being produced in Australia: visually ambitious, political, feminist and formally experimental.

THE RABBLE exists as a reaction to a conservatism that dominates our stages. THE RABBLE aims to radically re-imagine theatrical
experiences and to repopulate familiar stories with female voices and aesthetics.

THE RABBLE points at subterranean feminist concepts in iconic stories from folklore and literature. Our productions are realised through sweeping design and intense theatricality. We have abandoned male-dominated play scripts and replaced them with an improvisational methodology using poetry, prose, image, tableaus and gesture. Our voice and approach is unique.

THE RABBLE’s works include: Corvus (2007) Salome (2008); Cageling (2010);
The Bedroom Project (2010); Special (2011); Orlando (2012, 2014, 2015); Story of O (2013); Room of Regret (2013), Frankenstein (2014); Deathly/Death/Dead (2014); In the Bleak Midwinter (2016) and Cain and Abel (2014 & 2016). Upcoming projects
include: Joan (2017); Candy House (2018); Ulysses (2018/19) and Unwoman (2018).