Red Line Productions kicked into life in late 2014 to resurrect the much-loved Old Fitzroy Theatre in Woolloomooloo. Since taking up their residency, the venue has been transformed into a robust centre for excellence and independent sector generation through Red Line’s curated programming. Now widely acknowledged as Sydney’s home of indie theatre, the Old Fitz Theatre continues to present groundbreaking storytelling.

Founded on an ethos of backing the next generation of artists and audience, Red Line delivers positive leadership in the growth and vitality of the independent sector. The work of Red Line is absolutely necessary, ensuring that Australia’s independent creative ecology remains distinct and resilient.

The intensely intimate nature of the venue allows for fearless programming and production; the venue is positioned as a hub to connect audiences, artists and supporters. Red Line contributes to building strong artistic and creative capital, embracing and developing the audience of the future.

Red Line has also grown to present work beyond the Old Fitz Theatre, with works in the Sydney Festival, works transferring to lager spaces and new productions touring nationally.