The Greatest Battle Lies Within Production


The Greatest Battle Lies Within Production




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Gerard Wilkie – Producer:
Gerard Wilkie is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Film Television and New Media with a dual degree in Business at QUT. His passion for filmmaking began at an early age and has continued through to the present. During school Gerard had the opportunity to partake in a film program which gave him the opportunity to learn elements of film which has now bettered his knowledge as a producer. Throughout his degree, Gerard has had the opportunity to work on multiple TVCs including; QUT’s 2017 TVC real World Series, RACQ Bank Paypass TVC and Brisbane Festival 22 Days of Wonder TVC. With plans to become a producer in the film industry Gerard takes on any challenge, whether that be as an associate producer and 1st AD on the 2018 3rd year end slate or simply being a film student managing a part time job, duel degree and epilepsy. A condition which drives him rather than stops him to create content. Ready for the challenge of this production Gerard is keen to push his crew to create a documentary which tells the story behind Future D. Fidel.

Patrick Moroney – Writer:
Patrick Moroney is an up-and-coming artist within the Queensland entertainment industry. Having entered his final year of Fine Arts (Film & TV) at Queensland University of Technology, he conceived “The Greatest Battle Lies Within” in response to being wowed by “Prize Fighter” and hopes that by serving as its writer, he will pay a memorable tribute to the show and Future himself. Aside from this documentary, his experiences within the industry include serving as an extra in Luke Sparke’s “Occupation Rainfall”, training with the Queensland Theatre Company’s Youth Theatre Residency, and participating in a short film course with Michigan State University.

Connor Price – Director:
Connor has been an active member of the film community for more than five years now. During this time, he has continually sort to grow his network of potential clients and collaborators. This has led him to work on a range of different productions from feature films, to short narratives, and corporate videos. Always trying to create new content and learn different film making techniques, Connor is always searching for new and exciting productions and plans to create a visual and dynamic documentary about Future D. Fidel.