The G.R.A.I.N. Store

Celebrating ten-years’ contribution to arts in the small farming town of Nathalia, the GRAIN Store is a not for profit organization committed to innovative arts development. From an old grain retail store in the main street of Nathalia, a small farming town in Northern Country Victoria, we enhance our own lives and our community’s lives through art and arts education.

A curated programme of exhibitions (multiple artists), workshops and performances invites the community to harness their artistic interests and capabilities. We enhance awareness of community development, emotional and social health and wellbeing whilst promoting conversations around indigenous, environmental and social justice issues.

Decidedly modest in size, we aspire simply to do what we do well, at scale to size, capability and community. We create opportunities for local artists to be part of a larger artistic picture, encouraging them to see art as part of cultural dialogue at local, state, national and international levels to which they have their unique viewpoints to contribute.

Our size and programming methods allows us the flexibility to respond quickly to support our communities in times of crisis including a crash course in online delivery and shop front curating during the challenges of COVID-19.