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The Boite is Victoria’s iconic multicultural music organisation. Founded in 1979, it supports excellent artists from diverse cultural communities, promotes cultural understanding through the dynamic presentation of unique cultural experiences, and nurtures creativity, collaboration, access to and active participation in the arts.

Activities include:

World Music Cafe, a program of over 60 concerts each year at various locations. Diversity is the hallmark of these concerts, providing support for hundreds of musicians, very often from recent immigrant communities.

Millennium Chorus, a massive unauditioned choir that brings together professional and amateur musicians from across Victoria to learn a common repertoire with a cultural theme and perform it at a large public concert.

Schools Chorus, a choir project for schools and youth choirs from across Victoria who learn and practice a common repertoire and come together to perform in a series of concerts in Melbourne and in several regional hubs.

The Boite Singers’ Festival, three days of workshops and concerts held on the second weekend of January since 1990, featuring singers, choir leaders and songwriters,

Services for artists: project development, mentoring, auspice and promotion.