Syzygy Ensemble

“…I stand energised not only by the quality of the art Syzygy presents, but by their youthful dynamism, their unrelenting directness, and the strength and singularity of their artistic vision.” Illario Colli, Limelight Magazine April 26, 2013.

The musicians of Syzygy Ensemble share a deep empathy with music of our own time as well as an unbridled desire to share this enthusiasm with audiences. They’re unwilling to wait 100 years for the world to catch up with what composers are doing here and now, and excited to take you on the journey as they find and prepare contemporary music that speaks to all with relevance, authority and passion. Syzygy are a Melbourne based ensemble that consists of musicians: Leigh Harrold – piano, Campbell Banks – cello, Laila Engle – flute and Jenny Khafagi – violin and clarinettist Robin Henry.

Since forming in late 2009 Syzygy have performed at numerous events including the Melbourne Festival, Gaudeamus International Interpreters Award and Restrung contemporary arts festival to critical acclaim. Syzygy is currently in their sixth subscription season of the Local Heroes program at the Melbourne Recital Centre and regularly broadcasts on 3MBS and ABC classic FM.