STORIES LIKE THESE is dedicated to creating imaginative, challenging and compelling theatre with a commitment to the development of Australian artists and voices.

We collaborate with both emerging and established professional artists to create works that engage, provoke and inspire our audiences, with an emphasis on new Australian works and the best international playwriting.

Previous works includes: ‘MinusOneSister, Music, Rust and Bone’, ‘Tattoo’ (Griffin Independent), ‘Fireface’ (ATYP), ‘The Last Five Years’, ‘My Private Parts’ (Seymour Centre), ‘The Carnivores’, ‘Sydney Ghost Stories’ (Rock Surfers / Old Fitz), and ‘Confessions of a Grindr Addict’ (Midsumma Festival).

Stories Like These received a nomination at the 2011 Sydney Theatre Awards for Best Production of a Musical (The Last Five Years).